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Non #5 (2001) Edited by Jordan Crane.

Comic Anthology from 2001. Three Books in one, with a 40” wrap around silkscreen cover. I bought this at Comic-Con in 2004 for no more than $24. I don’t remember. But Jordan Crane was the first independent comic artist that I started following cause I was fortunate to find his booth at Comic-Con when I was still in high school.

Non was a comic anthology from 1997-2001. Here’s a nicer review of Non #5.

The list of other artists in this book: Jason, Mat Brinkman, Dave Kiersch, Greg Cook, Megan Kelso, Ron Rege Jr, Treven Weisman, Paul Lyons, James Kochalka, Paul Pope, Nick Bertozzi, Brian Chippendale, Pshaw, Brian Biggs, Tom Devlin, Brian Ralph, Ulf K, David Choe, and Kurt Wolfgang.